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Wanna look good in what you are wearing? We’ve got it covered!

We carry out any sort of alterations, from as simple as re-sewing a broken seam to the most complex & laborious jobs as resizing a leather jacket or a full re-line of jackets with pockets included.

If you are questioning whether an alteration is possible? Just drop us a line, we are confident we will find the perfect solution for you!

We work on any type of materials, design & brands, after booking your appointment (please see dedicated section)  and when you come to see us, we'll go through what you would like to be done, we'll do a fitting and agree a price and date of collection.

You will be kept informed with the progress of your garment or contact you if needed. A collection reminder will be sent to you once the job is done.


The universe conspires against us at times & the unthinkable happens to our beloved garments! A cigarette burn on your goose downs puffa. A heart wrenching rip on your vintage waxed cotton or heaven forbid major patchwork needed for your favourite jeans!
It is our dedicated team’s mission to bring back to life your treasured garment with our creativity & know-how.

You will be kept informed with what is happening to your garment or contact you if needed. A collection reminder will be sent to you once the job is done.


We offer a fully bespoke service with an Italian flavour to it. Using the best Italian made fabrics & lightest canvases. Our suits are more trimmed & lighter than for example a traditional English suit.

It all starts with taking your measurements & choosing the fabric & style preferred. After this, a unique pattern is made & kept in our records for future orders.

We then start cutting the chosen fabric & preparing for the first fitting, where we adjust all the pitches, lengths, widths & any other adjustments needed.
At this stage the suit is only the pieces of fabrics basted together called a "skeleton baste".

After this, we usually need another two or three fittings. One with the suit nearly completed for more refining & the last one on completion, where we normally adjust the length of the trousers.

Overall it will take 10 to 12 weeks for us to deliver a garment.

After the first order, the second one will be made quicker as we now have all the measurements required.
Only elements needed would be the new fabric & small variations to start creating the new suit.

Repairs / Alterations by Post

Don’t live in London? Can't find a repair place near you that is up to the task? Post it to us!

It’s simple! Drop us a message explaining what your request is, we will be back to you ASAP with different options & quotes.
Only once we both agree on the job, you can post the garment to us. On arrival we will check the garment to make sure everything matches with what we agreed upon.

We carry out the job & before settling the payment we will post your garment back to you.

Happy days!