Our Customer's Opinion

"Always take my jeans here to be taken in - their work is perfect & they couldn't be friendlier"
Lauren Indvik

"The twins have performed many mini-miracles on my suits in the last 3 years: from taking a suit jacket down a size (incl. from the shoulders, not an easy job!) to seamlessly patching a pair of suit trousers I was ready to throw away. Great attention to detail, patient, & masters at their skill. Highly recommended!"
Kenneth V

"Absolutely wicked service & communication from The Twins at Pinnas & Needles, got recommended by CP Company in London. After several emails regarding the damaged jacket we sent it off and it came back within 2 weeks as good as new. Never would of expected such a good repair. Couldn’t of asked for a better job, would definitely recommend to anyone in the future !!"
Maddie Findley

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